15 Things To Do In Botswana For The Whole Family

Botswana is all about being outside, seeing amazing African wildlife and nature, and having loads of fun. Because of this, it can be a great place for the whole family!

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A Travel Guide to Madagascar, A Modern-Day Noah’s Ark

A modern-day Noah’s Ark, Madagascar holds a lasting attraction for both, the romantic and the adventure traveler. Check out this Madagascar Travel Guide!

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Keeping African Traditions Alive

Through song and dance, storytelling and oral hand downs, African tradition, cultures and practices have been kept alive and well, by people living in and outside the continent!

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A Namibia Travel Guide to “The Land of the Brave”

To see some of the most stunning landforms on the earth, plan to include Namibia in your travel plans. Discover beauty within the stark, harsh and dramatic landscape of this little known African country. 

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