An Inside Look into Nigerian Weddings

Nigerian weddings are loud and elaborate. And most importantly, expensive. The wedding event industry in Nigeria is a lucrative one as people are willing to give an arm to make a statement wedding. Here is a detailed inside look into Nigerian weddings.

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How to Live a Gratitude Driven Life

A life of gratitude is filled with happiness, contentment and peace. There are so many things to be grateful for. You will never know until you begin to intentionally capture those moments.

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Gaelle Prudencio Owns African Fashion in Paris

Gaelle is steadily making her mark in Paris. She loves wax prints and is not ashamed to model them in her plus size frame. Unconventional, bold and daring, she is not just a fashion blogger but also a lawyer and creator of the French Curves Challenge.

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Red Carpet Looks From the 2018 BET Awards

On the red carpet, celebs came prepared to showcase their glamorous looks, and many guests rocked African-inspired dress, from dashikis to headdresses. Check out the video to see all the amazing dresses, gorgeous gowns, and more!

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