Lagos Pepper Soup – A NEW Album with Diverse Cultural Influences

Whirlwind Recordings is proud to announce the release of Lagos Pepper Soup, the new album from bassist and composer Michael Olatuja.

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C.T. Rwizi Creates Diverse African Fantasyscape in Scarlet Odyssey

The world of SCARLET ODYSSEY is vast and immersive, boldly inspired by the complex and diverse cultures and languages that shape the African continent.

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Most Popular Shows and Movies on Demand Africa During COVID-19

Recently, we've found many people are watching more African shows and movies. Check out the most popular shows and movies on Demand Africa during COVID-19.

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6 Impactful African Women to Celebrate During Women’s Month

There are moany African women to celebrate during Women's History Month. Here are 6 and some woreds they've used to empower us all.

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Waka Diamond Paltinumz

“Waka” by Diamond Platinumz ft. Rick Ross

"Waka" by Diamond Platinum was released late 2017. The music video depicts luxurious life; depicted by the lyrics of…

Hidden Figures

Exposing a Ture Story in Hidden Figures

Featured as one of the top 10 films of 2016, Hidden Figures is about a team of female African-American mathematicians…

African American Oscar Winners

Top African American Oscar Winners of 2018

The Oscars is perhaps the biggest award show for the film industry. All of its winners gain significant amounts of…


“Spirit” by Kwesta ft. Wale

South African rapper and songwriter, Kwesta, also known as DaKAR, released the music video of the new hit single…

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